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Picture Books on the First Day of School

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Let's dive into the thrilling and nerve-wracking world of the first day of school, where both teachers and students experience a mix of excitement and nervousness. It's the perfect time to set the tone for the year by establishing rules and expectations. And what better way to kickstart the day than with some fantastic picture books?

A Letter From Your Teacher: This heartwarming book by Shannon Olsen is a letter from the teacher to the students, assuring them that they are in for an exciting and memorable year. It helps create a positive and welcoming classroom atmosphere from the start.

The Magical Yet: In Angela DiTerlizzi's book, a young girl discovers the power of perseverance and embracing the "yet" mindset. It encourages students to approach challenges with a positive attitude and believe in their ability to grow and learn throughout the year.

We Don't Eat Our Classmates: Written by Ryan T. Higgins, this hilarious tale follows a young dinosaur who learns the importance of treating classmates with kindness and respect. It's a great book to introduce the idea of classroom rules and the importance of getting along with others.

The Day You Begin: Jacqueline Woodson's beautifully illustrated book celebrates individuality and embracing differences. It helps students feel seen and valued on the first day, promoting empathy and understanding within the classroom community.

All Are Welcome: Alexandra Penfold and Suzanne Kaufman's book celebrates diversity and inclusivity, emphasizing the importance of creating a welcoming and accepting environment for everyone. It sets the tone for a classroom where every student feels valued and appreciated.

Mae's First Day: Kate Berube's book follows Mae, a young girl starting school, who overcomes her fears and finds joy in making new friends. It helps address first-day jitters and encourages students to embrace new experiences with enthusiasm.

First Day Jitters: Julie Danneberg's story captures the universal experience of feeling nervous on the first day of school. It provides a lighthearted perspective and reassurance that even teachers get jitters too.

The Bad Seed: Jory John's book introduces a lovable but misunderstood seed who learns about the power of making positive choices. It can be used to discuss behavior expectations and the importance of personal responsibility in the classroom.

This School Year Will Be the Best: Kay Winters' book is an optimistic and fun-filled journey through a school year. It instills a sense of excitement and optimism about the upcoming year, encouraging students to embrace new opportunities and make the most of their learning journey.